Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Theatre Round-Up 2011: The Techies

This theatre round-up is brought to you by an excess of lucozade and a fever (sorry about that folks).

Firstly a quick note about the division between my technical and artistic categories – it’s basically rubbish. As the vast majority of the awards in this section are also highly artistic, whilst the awards in the artistic section are equally accomplished technically. But it keeps the sections down to manageable levels, so we’re just going to have to go with it.

Theatre Round-Up 2011: The Arties

The no less technical and no more artistic awards for my favourite performances and productions of 2011. The eagle eyed among you may notice a surprising absence of Shakespeare in this list (though he’s not missing entirely) - this is because to make my choices easier I’ve given him a separate post, coming up next.

Theatre Round-Up 2011: The Willies

I might have to disown anyone who didn’t see the title of this section of my round-up coming. Anyhow, Shakespeare always looms large for me in my theatrical misadventures, and this year I managed to catch around 40 different productions of the Bard’s work (depending on your opinions of the authorship of Double Falsehood and Cardenio). So to make life easier for myself, I decided to (mostly) separate the Shakespeare out from the rest of the theatre, otherwise I’d spend the rest of the next year dithering still.

Theatre Round-Up 2011: The Offies

I’ve left by far the most important part of my round-up to the end, the off stage awards. Like the rest this is full of inconsistencies, silliness and in-jokes. Ah well.