Friday, 1 July 2011

Interval Awards - Part 4

The fourth and final part (which is a bit of a relief) and I'm going to end relatively easily with a countdown of my favourite ten productions of the year so far:

Interval Awards - Part 3

With performers, ensembles and my favourite productions to go I'm going to change my approach from here on out - rather than selecting winners and runners up I'll be doing count downs of my favourites. In this post I'll be doing my top 6 actors, actresses and ensembles as I tried to cut it down to 5 and just couldn't do it. Here goes:

Interval Awards - Part 2

This is a bit more of a mixed bag - but beneath the cut you will find my choices for Best Direction, Best New Writing, Best Fight Choreography, Best Theatre/Company, Best Front of House (I'm including advertising/media here as it's all linked together for me) and my prize for the moment of theatrical magic that made me gasp most so far this year:

Interval Awards - Part 1

Bit later than expected due to all sorts of craziness at work (including a visit from the charming Ian McDiarmid) - but here is the first post of my Interval Awards for this year. Six months have gone by, I've seen 102 plays and I'm already struggling to pick favourites from a large list of strong contenders. Onwards and upwards and I thought I'd start with some of the technical awards in no particular order:

The Inaugural Interval Awards 2011

Hello all.

It's nearly the end of June and six months have already flown by (though given how much of it I've spent in the theatre, that's maybe not a surprise). As we all know December is the time for reflection, the time to take stock of the year just gone and the time to give out the prizes - NOT ANY MORE! Well, not just then any more. By the time I get to December, I'm struggling to remember what happened in January, I've forgotten the sets that blew me away, the ensembles that astounded and the plays that left me weeping (for I am fickle and have a poor memory). So, I've decided that at this mid-way point it would be nice to have a mini-awards ceremony, to take note of what we've seen and loved and to leave a reminder for those important December decisions. And I thought it would be amazing if other people wanted to get involved to.

So welcome to the Interval Awards (thanks to @CheleCooke for the name) - the first half is over, we're milling around in the bar and opinions need to be shared. There are no rules - you can give out as many or as few prizes as you like, in whatever categories you like (I'll post a list of suggestions below) and you can give them to as many or as few people as you like. We don't mind if you want to highlight one person or you can only just narrow it down to a list of ten - anything goes. And everyone's welcome no matter how much or how little theatre you go to.

You can also post your choices however works best for you - blogger, tumblr, facebook, website, award by award on twitter - if you are using twitter though, it'd be great if you could tag it #IntervalAwards so we can all see (links to off twitter lists would be cool too) - if you're not on twitter but would like your list linked to, feel free to comment here and I'll post it for you. It would also be ace if people could hold off posting their lists until the 1st July (though you're welcome to write them before) - though I understand if people need/want to post sooner.

Most of all have fun.

These are just some suggestions for awards you might like to give out, feel free to send me more to add or to make up your own...

* Best production (Revival? Musical? Drama? Comedy? Devised? Fringe? etc)
* Best Performance (Male? Female? Ensemble?)
* Best Direction
* Best Stage Design
* Best Costume Design
* Best Lighting Design
* Best Choreography
* Best Music (Composer? Score? Tracks? Performers?)
* Best Sound Design
* Best Writing
* Best Effects
* Best Fight Scene
* Best Kiss/Love Scene
* Best Theatre
* Best Front of House
* Best Website
* Best Social Media
* Best Programme
* Best Food (I'd definitely be interested in finding out which theatres to eat at ;) )

P.S. I should probably add that I'm also @lorannah on Twitter