Saturday, 15 October 2011

66 Books - Bush Theatre - Part 8 (James to Revelation / 5.05pm to 7pm)

66 Books - Bush Theatre - Part 7 (1 Thessalonians to Hebrews / 1.10pm to 4.45pm)

66 Books - Bush Theatre - Part 6 (Acts of the Apostles to Colossians / 10.25am to 12.50pm)

66 Books - Bush Theatre - Part 5 (Nahum to The Gospel According to John / 7.20am to 9.25am)

Sorry for the extended delay, I got trapped in the whirligig that is Nanowrimo. Anyway we’d reached the half way point and about 8am and I’m afraid my tiredness was starting to get the better of me, so it’s increasingly incoherent from here on out folks...

66 Books - Bush Theatre - Part 4 (Lamentations to Micah / 04:20am to 06:20am)

66 Books - Bush Theatre - Part 3 (Esther to Jeremiah / 01:20am to 03:20am)

Friday, 14 October 2011

66 Books - Bush Theatre - Part 2 (2 Samuel to Nehemiah / 22.35pm to 01:00am)

66 Books - Bush Theatre - Part 1 (Genesis to 1 Samuel / 7pm to 9.25pm)

So a quick note about the blog first, as is probably ridiculously apparent I have lost momentum, partly because there has been no time and partly because my excitement has waned. However, as I saw the most marvellous theatrical event of the year so far last weekend I couldn’t resist putting some of my memories down in a more solid form. Whether I will go back and fill in the spaces is a bit up in the air at the moment, though not completely impossible as I do have notes for most of the things I have seen.

Anyway onto the new Bush Theatre’s 66 Books - a spectacular 24 hour event featuring 66 short plays inspired by the 66 books of the Bible. As the tagline goes – 66 writers, 23 directors and 130 actors. Let’s just say it was one hell of a 24 hours.

Over 8 posts (4 now and 4 once I’ve had time to write them) I’m going to try and relive the entire event – not necessarily with a critical response, but with a personal one. Because this was intensely personal and magical and overwhelming.

One last thing – if you’re going to the next 24 hour event (and if you possibly can, you should) – don’t read this before you go. Go in unspoilt and uncoloured by my feelings and ideas. Also do take a spare pair of socks; I can’t begin to express how much I was craving them by the end.

(All photos copyright Mark Douet)