Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Programme Re-homing Drive - CLOSED

Thanks guys, the programmes are all now successfully re-homed.

All right folks, as I'm going to be moving house... twice... during the Olympics (god help me), I've decided to re-home some of my programmes. I'm not particularly looking for money, though any donations are welcome and if I need to post the programmes I'd appreciate getting the cost back. Anyway, the list is below the cut, if you fancy any you can leave a note in the comments or DM me on twitter (@lorannah - ETA: If I don't follow you, feel me and I shall do, so we can sort out delivery). Thanks.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Monthly Round-Up: May 2012 part II

So second half of May and what a ridiculous (and excellent) month it's proved to be: 22 plays (plus one repeat trip) in 11 different languages, with 11 different Shakespeare plays and 11 people playing Richard of Gloucester (though technically one was in April). Which apparently makes 11 - and its multiples - the number sponsoring this month's theatre.