Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Scribbles 2013

Another year, another heap of theatre clambered across, waded through and, occasionally, stumbled under. My aim at the start of last year was to cut down on the theatre going this year to give me more time to write - and while I've edited Book One to death and got 50,000 words of Book Two down on paper, I'm not entirely sure that I've succeeded. True, I've gone from seeing 145 different productions last year down to 115 productions this year - but once I add the play readings, works in progress and repeat trips I've only actually managed to reduce it from 158 trips to 150 trips. So, apparently, this was the year of me seeing things more than once. Anyhow, on to the awards - which this year are sincere, silly and, sometimes, a bit mean (sorry about that).